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To create a Beggar Free India: A Nation in which no citizen seeks for alms and gives alms for undignified lifestyle


To establish Rehabilitation Homes, Skills Training and Livelihood Centre with basic Medical Facilities Read more

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Awards and
Recognition !!

1) Founder Mr.P.Naveenkumar , Awarded as ‘National Youth Award 2015-2016’ by Ministry of Youth Affairs and sports on Jan-12TH 2018.

2) Founder Mr.P.Naveenkumar, Awarded as “best 100 youth award” in Tamilnadu by puthiyathalaimurai and Gandhi world foundation at 2018.

3) Founder Mr.P.Naveenkumar, Awarded as District youth award 2018 in Erode District by Erode collector.

4) Rotary club of erode cosmos awarded as vocational excellence award to our Founder Mr.P.Naveenkumar on 8-3-18.

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Our Last 7 Years Achievements

During the last 7 years, we have reached out to 5,250 beggars, homeless and destitute people across 18 districts in Tamil Nadu. Out of 5250 beggars, we have effectively rehabilitated 545 beggars (10.31%) to live a better life with dignity in society.
We have reached out through massive awareness campaigns about begging lifestyles and its related major issues: A total of 40,000 general public have participated and a total of 75,000 school and college students have participated.
Founder President Mr.P.Naveen Kumar received The NATIONAL YOUTH AWARD from the Union Ministry of Youth Affairs

Be a Part with Us:

Atchayam Trust believes that unless members of the civil society are involved proactively change will not happen in the life of Panhandlers. We encourage and invite volunteers’ to be an active part of it works for the welfare of vagrants. Currently 1900 volunteers are shouldering with us..

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volunteers Team

These are unfortunate men & women who lost / not able to earn their basic needs and their living survival happening on the roads, street corners or open places for weeks/months/years without food, clothing or shelter. None of us cares about those who lack of fundamental needs which may because of our busy lifestyle.

Still Atchayam Trust understands that they are also humans and work towards make them live their life with all basic needs. A citizen of the country living on road is the most serious issue in the nation. Our team’s primarily work ...