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About Trust

About Trust

The present scenario of our country shows that everyone is satisfied with their basic needs. People have forgotten to think for those who lack the fundamental needs because of their busy lifestyle. We the youth & youngsters of Atchayam started the Trust to change the lifestyle of beggars.
Begging is one of the most serious social issues in India. In spite of its rapid economic growth, India is a poverty driven country, which leads to growth of beggars in the country. Associated with the problems of poverty and unemployment, the problem of beggary is a social issue of great magnitude and grave concern in India.

Beggar seeking for money has to be given basic needs in order to sustain better life. Youth are becoming beggars because of unemployment. Part-time beggars have taken up begging as their full time profession. For those beggars of this nature, they lack cleanliness, essentials of life and do suffer very contagious disease. Sometimes they even start to steal and involve in antisocial activities. In few countries, they are even converted into terrorist.
Now-a-days, Children are forcibly committed to begging as a profession without knowing its seriousness. Most of the aged people beg to get some drugs or alcohol without any engagement with their family. The real Dharma is not offering money to beggars rather than satisfy their basic needs like food, cloth, and accommodation. The need of the hour is to create awareness among public that the hospitality shown towards the beggars can be in the form of food, not as money. As it is difficult to transform those beggars who have been begging for generation, the trust believes that steps can be taken to prevent the next generation.

Founder message:

My aim is to make a Beggar-Free India. I invite youngsters to make our nation wealthy. I want them to join us to accomplish our vision. A nation in which no citizen is for alms and gives alms.

About Beggars

These are unfortunate men & women who lost / not able to earn their basic needs and their living survival happening on the roads, street corners or open places for weeks/months/years without food, clothing or shelter. None of us cares about those who lack of fundamental needs which may because of our busy lifestyle. Still Atchayam Trust understands that they are also humans and work towards make them live their life with all basic needs.

A citizen of the country living on road is the most serious issue in the nation.

Our team’s primarily work to make our nation a beggar free one. At this juncture, we the members of this group have decided to create awareness among the people. Which means instead of giving money to the beggars just fulfil their needs? Their needs include food, clothes and the place for dwelling. Because these three are very essential for the entire human begins, beggars are also human beings. If we give money they will always be remains as beggars, If suppose they will be provided with basic needs, they will be changed in to real human.

Our single coin will give them no change. But providing them with essential needs, it will change their life entirely.

Our statistical survey says there are many categories of beggars. Especially,there are 60 % beggars at the age of 50 and above. The main reason for them is they are abandoned by their children. Due to some misunderstanding they have been sent out to some old age home or else from out of home, or they themselves willingly came out. They are unable to find a way to lead their life then they chose begging as a medium and at last they will lose their life.

Begging is not a profession and on one willingly started doing this. So we all youngsters should know about beggars and beggary. Also we should protect our parents and give them a happy life and also we should not let them to go out at any cost. So awareness should be given to all youngsters and public.

Beggars – a homeless one, who lives by asking money for food, clothes and his/her basic needs. As Persian proverb said “A beggar will always be a beggar even if they give him the whole world as a gift”. As Dutch proverb said “A beggar’s hand is a bottomless basket”.But robustly we believe that “Defeat the fate through consistent effort”. Because as an Indian I said “Beggars also a human who committed to begging due to the situational crisis”.

Beggars are not intact from their birth itself. Due to some of the circumstantial difficulties or situational crisis, he / she had been committed to begging. According to the people’s abstract view, the act of begging seems to be sympathetic and pathetic. This would be a main reason for increasing number of beggars now-a-days. As per 2011, Census of India said there are 4 lakhs number of beggars in India approximately.

We prioritize begging as an issue, because it is not only the problem of a single human, indirectly affecting the development of society. Mainly economic status aroused from unemployment, poverty then it leads to unfulfillment of basic needs. Secondarily, person detached from the family due to misunderstanding, life style changes, lack of caring love and affection, detestation among old age due to health inequalities.

Still India is in the list of developing country. Begging-the serious plight of our country and making impact on the socio economic and human health status. When considering World’s 17 sustainable development goals, our vision consummate significantly the first three goals and so on.

Beggars need money at least to fulfill their basic amenities. Offering money without any physical effort will induce their laziness and make them to be in the same mentality.A sort of humanistic approach may create the situation and environment as sympathetic and reposing. The compassionate loving care will make impact on their heart of discrepancy. As a result they will be obeying to our requests and commands.