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Atchayam Trust

The present scenario of our country shows that everyone is satisfied with their basic needs. People have forgotten to think for those who lack the fundamental needs because of this busy lifestyle. We the youth & youngsters of Atchayam started the Trust to help the lifestyle of beggars.

Begging is one of the most serious social issues in India. In spite of its rapid economic growth, India is a poverty driven country, which is also leading to growth of beggars in the country. Associated with the problems of poverty and unemployment is the problem of beggary which is a social problem of great magnitude and grave concern in India.

Beggar seeking for money has to be given basic needs in order to sustain better life. Youth are becoming beggars because of unemployment. Part-time beggars have taken up begging as their full time profession.


Atchayam Trust was founded by P.Naveenkumar,ME when he was doing final year Mechanical Engineering in SSM College of Engineering during the year 2014.He got a tiger(idea) about the beggars when he met them, some beg for alcohol and money and few beg for food .some of them includes physically challenged people also show interest to do work. From A.P.J.Abdulkalam Vision, and Swami vivekanthar books, he was inspired to uplift the lifestyle of beggars and poor people and decided to create a beggar free India. He was working as a Assistance professor in SSM college of engineering with the trust members,friends and students from nearest college.


• Our team met nearly 1800 beggars in the districts of Namakkal ,Erode and Salem the past three years and collected information about them .

• We changed the life of 130 beggars who were in need of basic necessity by offering them jobs, and admitted some of them in the orphanage and helped few of them to reunite to with their families.

• JCI ERODE, awarded to P.Naveenkumar as the best outstanding young person award.


• To create a beggar free India by providing counselling, and rehabilitation for a better lifestyle.

• To create a beggar free India by providing counselling, and rehabilitation for a better lifestyle.

• To make green India by planting trees.


• To create a beggar free komarapalayam within 2017 by the act of AFRBK-2017(Awareness-fieldwork- rehabilitation of beggar in KPM-2017)

• The act AFRBE-2018 was passed to create the beggar free Erode within 2018

• To create awareness about the life of beggars among the people through various programs.