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Mr.Vadivel was a beggar but became a volunteer in our Atchayam Trust. When we first met him, he was begging at Erode Bus Stand and after rehabilitation, he has been now working with a job as a labourer in cooking, gardening, etc.


Ms.Vasantha was a beggar and when we first met her at Erode Railway Station when she was very much addicted and drunkard with alcohol, marijuana, and tobacco, etc. She was not conscious mostly. Now she is a young and brave woman who is cooking daily for 130 persons in Viluppuram Anbu Jothi Asram, Tamil Nadu


who was rescued from Pallipalayam, Namakkal District. She was begging and was mentally affected and aggressively behaving, scolding the public with bad words and wearing tarpaulin as a dress. After rehabilitation by us, her attitude has changed and she is now behaving normally after removing her tarpaulins, cutting ugly hairs, and cleansing all the dirt from her body. We provide the most compassionate love and care which make an incredible impact on the heart of less cared among our society.


Mr.Sivanantham, a 30years old man was roaming under Lakshmi Nagar Bridge, Bhavani. He was mentally affected, having a partial cut on his hand due to wearing of many bands and bracelets very tightly which was infected with pus and worms. We have rescued him and admitted into Erode Government Hospital for proper medical treatment where he escaped and recovered again from the chess pit. Again we admitted him to the hospital and got treatment before admitted into Viluppuram Anbu Jothi Asram with good health.


Ms.Saranya, a mentally affected 25years old woman who was pregnant because of misuse by some strangers. She was rescued over the night and admitted her to Viluppuram Anbu Jothi Asram. A few months ago she delivered a male baby about 3kg weight with well and good health. Now she and her child were physically and mentally well