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Volunteers are our backbone for all our activities for the transformation of beggars, homeless and destitute people across the State in Tamil Nadu covering 18 districts. We provide a structured programme for the enrollment of volunteers, orientation for involvement with our activities.

  • Volunteers Activities -2015
  • Volunteers Registration
  • Internship Programme

Trained volunteers are engaged to identify beggars every Sunday to provide counselling, medical assistance, and other material supports for changing their begging life into a more dignified life with respect.

We engage volunteers especially youth volunteers from colleges and universities for active participation in awareness, rehabilitation of beggars, and thereby nation-building. The registrations are done with at most care to avoid candidates who are taking excuses from the College and University to participate in the social services for just time pass.

We are offering internships in a structured manner and it ranges from one week to a one-month duration. We aim to facilitate effective learning and involving themselves in field works, documentation and professional attitude development, self-confidence, compassion towards less fortunate people, etc. We provide a certificate with the best performance as GOLD Rated.