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Initiatives of COVID-19

Initiatives of COVID-19

Soon after the announcement of nationwide lockdown due to COVID-19 in March 2020, Atchayam Trust has initiated several projects to provide cooked food packets to homeless and destitute people in Erode city, nearby towns, and villages.


  • From 25th March to 3rd April, 2020 a total of 450 food packets were given along with half a liter water bottle. For some days we gave food packets of 650 by identifying more people staying on the streets, roadside, temporary shelters, etc.
  • We have also developed a database of 350 people while feeding them about their basic details and reasons for shelterless. Also, we have given 220 full ration kits to slums people.


We have approached the Erode City Corporation to arrange facilities for the accommodation of homeless, beggars, and destitute people staying on the street and living on roadsides. Erode City Corporation gave us the Government Middle School near Railway Junction to accommodate 87 persons from 3rd April, 2020 and we have taken care of all them to till date June, 2020.

  • Out of 87 persons, 2 are female, 85 are male; one is below 18 years age and 12 persons are aged mover 60. One woman with an infant child was sent to a caregiver home.
  • More than the last 90 plus days, we have given three times food to all the 86 persons with at most care, and guidance to rehabilitate them into mainstream life after the lockdown is lifted.

The following were our structured programme performed during the lockdown period:

  • Regular food given is, morning tea with biscuits, lunch was served with a full meal, egg, non-veg food a few times, and evening tea with snacks or biscuits. Individual plates and tumblers were also given for all the persons
  • We have also provided multiple-use cloth masks (times), cloths (innerwear, lungi, towel, bedsheets, and bags) and toothbrush, paste, soaps for bathing, and washing clothes..
  • We have organized a medical camp along with supports from Erode city Corporation to check up the health conditions of all the persons staying in the temporary shelter
  • We have provided medicines support to those persons who have doctor's prescriptions.
  • Yoga training and a few basic physical exercises were given in the morning. In the evening, awareness about COVID, hand wash techniques, life skills values was imparted.
  • Through professionals, community counseling was organized for psychological imbalances, de-addiction of drugs, alcoholic, and mental balance.
  • Sports activities were also organized to engage them in user habits.
  • We have also identified their talents through imparting basic skills and team building to look after themselves, for housekeeping, book reading, cooking, looking after hygiene and sanitation, and health hygiene.

Vellalar Educational Institutions, CII-Young Indians Erode Chapter, Olirum Erodu Foundation, and Rotary Club of Erode have supported generously.

Job Placement and Supports for Self-Employment

Throughout the Camp, we have closely studied each one of them with documentation of their profile and learned to identify their talents and cross-check with others on the same.

  • Out of 87 persons, we have created job opportunities for 40 persons (46 %) now and placed them with an average salary of Rs.10,000/- per month with free of cost food and accommodation by the employers
  • It must be noted that many of these persons were randomly engaged as a pickpocket, addicted to alcohol and drugs. We have been monitoring all of them and will continuously monitor them for the next three months.