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Vision and Mission


To create a Beggar Free India: A Nation in which no citizen seeks for alms and gives alms for undignified lifestyle


  • To engage youth and student volunteers towards social causes with responsibility and inspiration to change the ill affairs seen in society such as beggars, drug addicts, health hazards like alcoholics and tobaccos, etc.
  • To make effective intervention through awareness among youth and common people about the plights of beggars and destitute people for sustainable models of livelihood and employment including self-employment.
  • To survey the beggars, provide counselling, rehabilitate the beggars, mentally ill, destitute, disabled, aged persons including women, dying destitute, mentally retarded, physically challenged, drug-addicted, sexually abused women, etc.
  • To establish Rehabilitation Homes, Skills Training and Livelihood Centre with basic Medical Facilities.
  • To undertake effective awareness campaigns through volunteers across the Tamil Nadu to reach out to massive number of beggars for rehabilitation.
  • To sensitize the policy makers, governments, corporate sector, national and international government organizations and United Nations organizations, etc.
  • To work with government departments like Police, social justice and empowerment, education, health and family welfare, labour and employment etc. towards addressing the plights of beggars and destitute people.