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The aim ‘a beggar free India’ leads the trust to have a strategy that would lay a respectable path tothe panhandlers.
It has been defined as ASC-R PROCESS.


With the motto of “No alms to any one; No asking for alms” the involved volunteers with the guidance of trust members conducts awareness campaigns and rallies among the public.


The identified Panhandlers are counselled after and during survey in the crowded areas to determine the reason, condition, prominent position and their physical and mental condition.


They are accorded with a better life such as unifying with their blood relatives, admitting in old age homes or orphanages and aiding them jobs for their social security.

Field Work

We have taken a survey and gave the counselling to the beggars those who are in road sides. We regularly visit the beggars and exchanges the love between us .There are enough members and volunteers with us to counsel the beggars. Our members will provide the food, dresses, counselling care, cleaning care, medical care during the field work. They will create some bond between the beggars and our team members, because their only expectation is love and proper care. There are numbers of methods to approach them, because there are varieties of beggars. Everyone cannot be handled with same method.

Atchayam Trust has formed many groups to give a counselling, special care, Training and continuous support to the beggars to get the normal life. Our Field work team has taken survey about beggars in around Salem, Erode, and Namakkal districts in Tamil Nadu


The destitute beggars around the bus stand and streets have been analysed by our field work team. We start the rehabilitation process by checking their physical fitness, mental health condition, and start (advice) counselling them to change their illness state both physically as well as mentally .Our team continuously gives counselling and collects data about their family and abilities .Some expects money and few are expect for love and affection. 50 % of beggars have expressed their anger and, 60% of beggars gave wrong data about them. From analysed data, we provided job to those who are physically fit to do work. Physically and mentally challenged people are admitted in various orphanage homes depending upon their natural disability. So far we have rehabilitated 208 beggars lifestyle.

Rehabilitation Camp

  • Rehabilitation camp -2015
  • Rehabilitation camp -2016
  • Rehabilitation camp -2017
  • Rehabilitation camp -2018

Erode District social welfare Officer Mrs. Devikumari has initiated the beggar’s rehabilitation and it was a one day camp in Erode on Oct-2015. We have rehabilitated 12 beggars in the Erode city and admitted in orphanage home.

Atchayam Trust has conducted 5 days mega beggar rehabilitation camp at Erode in the year of Oct - 2016. Honourable Dr Prabhakar IAS – Erode district Collector, Honble Dr Shivakumar superintend of police, Erode, Thiru Seeni Ajmalkhan - Erode corporation commissioner, Shri Dr Kanagachalam JD-Health Dept-GH Erode, Erodai , Olirum Erode foundation and volunteers along with student were participated. Through this camp we have recovered 81 beggars in 5 days within Erode city. We provided cleaning care, medical, spiritual care, entertainment and skill development program with food and accommodation for entire camp.

In the next year 2017 Atchayam Trust has conducted one more 3 days mega beggar rehabilitation camp at Erode. Erode Collector, superintend of police, Erode corporation commissioner , Erodai , Selva charitable trust and volunteers along with student. Through this camp we recovered 51 beggars in 2 days within Erode city. We provided cleansing care, medical, spiritual care, entertainment and skill development program with food and accommodation for entire camp.

Atchayam trust have conducted one day beggars rehabilitation camp in komarapalayam on June -2018 along with Revenue Department, Police Department and Namba komarapalayam Foundation. We recovered 8 beggars and admitted in home.

Child Begging

Most of children were selling books and forced to get money from public. Even though many persons were informed to go to school and have been provide dress and food. But children are expecting only money for using various purposes. Few of them used alcohol under the misguidance from their circumstance. We have been giving counselling and taking survey to get their better Life. Atchayam trust is working for zero-tolerance towards child begging with the support of child help line (Ministry of child and development).
Atchayan Trust has conducted camp for child beggar’s parents with the presence of District social welfare officer and child protection officer.