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Self Sustainable Project - Snacks Stall

Snacks Stall

He, had a lot of disputes with his family and had problems with his wife which led to an increase in consumption of alcohol. His habits and behavior only increased their family issues and as result he got separated from them. He used all his income in consuming alcohol and cigarettes. From working as a painter to hotel supplier and staying within his working premises, he was addicted to alcohol and cigarette being not able to solve his family issues. As a result of COVID-19 lockdown, he lost his job and was found on streets near Paneerselvam Park.

He was recovered by Atchayam Trust and was provided with food and accommodation during the pandemic period. He was rehabilitated through counseling process and during his stay in Atchayam Rehabilitation Centre he has been involved in gardening activities which is helping him overcome his problems. Atchayam Trust has also helped Mr. Venkatraman rejoin with his family and lead a happy and dignified life on his own. Atchayam Trust has also helped him set up a kammang kul pushcart to earn money to support his family.