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Self Sustainable Project - Watchman

Job in Private Sector

Atchayam Trust is actively involved in helping the beggars, homeless and destitute to get good job opportunities in private sector that will help them earn money to meet their basic needs and lead a dignified life. We help them by providing various job opportunities in private sector such as.,


He, Who is 60 years old did not find any job due to COVID-19 lockdown and was found stranded on roads near PaneerSelvam Park, Erode without having any means for food and living. He was recovered by Atchayam Trust and was provided with food and accommodation during the pandemic period. As the situations were turning normal slowly, Atchayam Trust has helped him get a job as watchman which is helping him to lead a dignified life.

He, A 48 year old man who lost his parents and is not married yet, did not receive any affection and care from his other family members and thus, ended up spending his life on roads consuming alcohol and cigarette. Through fieldwork and counseling, he was recovered and rehabilitated by Atchayam Trust. He is now having new friends at the rehabilitation centre and working as Watchman at Atchayam Rehabilitation Centre.