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Success Stories

Mr. Vadivel, who was a beggar is now a volunteer of Atchayam Trust and is helping in transforming the lives of beggars to lead a dignified life. He was recovered from Erode bus stand and was rehabilitated with the help of volunteers and medical team. He is now leading a dignified life by working as a labour involved in cooking, gardening, etc.,

Mr. Vadivel

The Journey from begging to becoming a volunteer

Ms. Vasantha, was found begging at Erode Railway Station and was a drunkard being addicted to alcohol, marijuana and tobacco. She was found to be unconscious at most of the times. She was recovered and rehabilitated and now, one can see Ms. Vasantha as a brave young woman who is cooking for 130 persons daily in Viluppuram, TamilNadu.

Ms. Vasantha

From being a drunkard to feeding 130 people per day

Ms. Suseela, was found covered with dirt, wearing tarpaulin as a dress and begging at Pallipalayam. She was also mentally affected and was behaving aggressively towards the public. She was recovered and rehabilitated with the help of volunteers and medical team. She is now dressing neatly and maintaining her personal hygiene, and is now showing love and compassion towards others.

Ms. Suseela

The journey from dirt and tarpaulin to love and compassion

Ms. Saranya, who was 25 years old was mentally affected and was found on the roads. She was pregnant as result of being misused by some strangers. She was rescued immediately and admitted in Viluppuram. She was given good care and medical treatment. A few months later, she delivered a male baby about 3kgs weight with good health. She is now taking care of her child and are leading a dignified life for themselves.

Ms. Saranya

From being misused by strangers to taking care of her baby

Mr. Sivanantham, who was 30 years old was found to be roaming under Lakshmi Nagar Bridge, Bhavani. He was mentally affected and was also having a partial cut on his hand, as he was wearing too many bands and bracelets that were too tight. His hand was completely infected, covered with pus and worms. He was rescued and admitted in Erode Government Hospital for medical treatment. He somehow managed to escape from the hospital and was found to be lying in the chess pit. He was recovered again and admitted for medical treatment. He was rehabilitated and admitted. He is now found with good physical and mental health.

Mr. Sivanantham

The journey from dwelling in chess pit to living at a Home

A 50 years old man called Rajendran was spotted in RS puram bus stand of Coimbatore district. It was said that he used to sleep there and have the food given by the passers-by for the past 2 years. The public gave information about the man wandering with stained clothes and shabby hair to the Atchayam trust. Our Volunteers went there and found that he has been shooed away and troubled by many. When he was rescued, he was not ready to reveal anything to us. The public and even the police have been blockading him often. On a fine day, he was barbered, cleansed and reformed to be a new person. Subsequently, he was fed and admitted to the orphanage with the approval of the police.

Mr. Rajendran

From stained clothes and shabby hair to a reformed new person

Pazhanichami a man aged 71 was found crawling near Erode GH, without being able to walk. His legs were infected and decayed with maggots and were oozing pus. He has a son called Suresh, owning a shop in Erode. The destitute father, deprived of care and support from his son, was disheartened and started begging before 1 year. Since the past 4 months both his legs were badly affected and he was seen crawling. He was saved by volunteers of Atchayam trust and after providing treatment in Erode GH, he was rehabilitated and admitted to a home.

Mr. Pazhanichami

From crawling on roads to being taken care at a home.